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Providing options, support and information to Alaskans affected by sexual violence for more than 35 years.


​In partnership with Alaska CARES, STAR is also offering a support group for non-offending parents and caregivers of sexually and physically abused children and teens. The Parents' Support Group is held the first and third Monday of the month at STAR's Office located at 1057 W. Fireweed Lane, Suite 230 in Anchorage. For more information and to see if this group is right for you, please call (907) 212-6856.

STAR provides a "Court Manual" to clients involved in a criminal prosecution. Click here to download, or stop by the STAR office during normal business hours to pick up a copy.

Click here to access the State of Alaska Court Calendar. 

Click here to view records for current or past criminal and civil cases posted in CourtView.

Click here for the Violent Crime Compensation Board application.  This compensation is a valuable tool to reimburse victims of violent crimes in Alaska. If you need assistance in filling out an application, please contact STAR at (907) 276-7279 to schedule an appointment with an advocate.

Click here for information about how to obtain a protective order. STAR Advocates can provide accompaniment for both short and long term protective order hearings. please contact STAR at (907) 276-7279 to schedule an appointment with an advocate.

Additional Legal Advocacy Resources

STAR Advocates are available to assist you with criminal, civil and family law issues.  While Advocates are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice, they are a valuable resource as you clarify your needs, become familiar with your rights, and determine action plans.

Call, stop by the STAR office, or click here to get a copy of our "Court Manual" to help you better understand the process and learn your rights.

Information and Options
Advocates may offer information and options to think about when reporting a crime of sexual violence.  You may ask for an Advocate to be with you when you report such a crime.  STAR can accompany you to meetings with a District Attorney or the offender’s court appearances.  

Compensation for You
Violent Crime Victim Compensation applications are a valuable tool to reimburse you for losses or to cover the expenses of medical treatment and counseling.  An Advocate can break down the confusing paperwork and make the application process easier.

Protective Orders
We can assist you petition the court for a protective order.  Accompaniment can be arranged as needed for both short and long term protective order hearings. 

Pro-Bono Family Law Interventions
​Many people who experience sexual violence also have a need for Family Law interventions, like custody orders and filing for divorce.  STAR has access to Pro Bono (free of charge) attorneys through a variety of local and statewide programs.

Help Finding An Attorney
Some survivors choose to file a civil lawsuit against their perpetrator.  In those cases, an Advocate can assist you in finding an experience attorney. Civil litigation is generally only useful if the perpetrator has assets, because the only remedy is financial compensation.  Generally, an attorney will meet with you free of charge to discuss the merits of your case, and may represent you at no charge, if they can seek a portion of the eventual financial settlement or award.
STAR offers two support groups throughout the fall, winter, and spring. STAR's Women's Group is offered for survivors of child sexual abuse and adult sexual abuse.  Group attendees are able to share their story in a safe environment with others who understand, learn new coping skills, and participate in discussion topics with others. The Women's Group is held every Tuesday at STAR's office located at 1057 W. Fireweed Lane, Suite 230 in Anchorage.  Potential attendees are asked to call STAR at (907) 276-7279 if they are interested in attending. 

Legal Advocacy Services

STAR Advocates can help with criminal, civil, and family law issues

Support Groups

STAR offers a Women's Support Group and a Parent Support Group

What are my Options?

STAR’s Counselor provides free therapy services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse who do not have access through any other means  (for example, if someone has no health insurance or counseling coverage).  Counseling at STAR is a brief model of therapy – usually 8-10 sessions.  It is trauma-focused and geared toward crisis stabilization.  

To obtain counseling through STAR, you must first meet with an Advocate. To schedule an appointment with an Advocate, please call (907) 276-7279 during normal business hours, or e-mail advocate@staralaska.org.

Counseling Services and Referrals

STAR has an on-site counselor who offers complimentary sessions to survivors of sexual violence