Child abuse investigations in and around Anchorage are conducted at Alaska CARES (Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Services).  Alaska CARES is a Child Advocacy Center that uses a child-centered approach, allowing multiple agencies to meet together in one location to help lessen the impact on both child and family members. These partnering agencies may include a victim Advocate, Family Care Coordinator, Medical, Law Enforcement, Office of Children’s Services (OCS), or mental health professional. STAR Advocates respond to provide support and information at Alaska CARES.

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Learn the Facts: and Understand the rick.  Realities - not trust - should influence your decision regarding children.

Minimize Opportunity: Eliminate or reduce one adult/one child situations.

Talk About It: Children often keep abuse a secret, but barriers can be broken down by talking about it.

Stay Alert: Don't expect obvious signs when a child is being sexually abused.

Make a Plan: Learn where to go, whom to call, and how to react.

Act on Suspicions: The future well being of a child is at stake.

Get Involved: Volunteer and financially support organizations that fight the tragedy of child sexual abuse.

Any suspected abuse of a minor should be immediately reported by professionals under Mandated Reporting requirements.  Failure to do so could result in a criminal charge, as well as personal and professional liability.

What are my Options?

Local Crisis Line: (907) 276-7273     Statewide Crisis Line: (800) 478-8999     Business Line: (907) 276-7279

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What YOU Can do to Keep Kids Safe

Reporting Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Sexual Assault is a crime of power and control. It is not about sex.

Celebrating 40 Years of Service to Alaskans by Providing Options, Support and Information to Survivors of Sexual Violence.