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To schedule a Green Dot presentation or to learn about upcoming trainings, please contact the Education and Prevention Manager at (907) 276-7279 or by e-mailing educator@staralaska.org.

Schedule Your Green Dot Presentation Today!

Our Education and Prevention Team is excited to present Green Dot to your business or organization and our community

to bring up the topic of violence prevention in a way that engages others and encourages them to help you in making our community safer. No one has to do everything, but everyone can do something.

Please join us at our free Community Bystander Trainings, you will walk away with the skills needed to safely intervene if you see something high-risk or harmful and advocate for a safer community every single day through your “90 second Green Dot Talk” that allows you 
One act of violence is too many. Unfortunately, we know that many people in our community have been hurt or are being hurt by power-based personal violence. It’s time to do something different, to stand together and say we will no longer tolerate this and I will do something every day to prevent violence from occurring in my community. Fixing a problem as big as power-based personal violence can seem daunting but we must recognize that change happens the same way, one person at a time, deciding to do something different.

Green Dot for Concerned Citizens

No one has to do everything, but everyone can do something

The training is empowering and engaging – we are rooted in the knowledge that most people in our community don’t want to see violence happen, they just don’t know what to do.

The Bystander Training can be tailored to your organization and specific needs. We can discuss recognition and safe response to suspicions of child abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking behavior.

Green Dot for Community Organizations

We can tailor our Green Dot presentations to meet the needs of a variety of community organizations

understanding that we must explicitly state that violence is not tolerated in this community and we must back up that statement with evidence through changed behavior that is shared by a critical mass of community members. 
We also provide 10-90 minute overview talks to introduce individuals to the basic concepts of Green Dot and Bystander Intervention. Unlike in the Bystander Training, attendees will not create their own 90 second Green Dot Elevator Talks, however they will still gain useful skills in recognizing and safely responding to a situation that might be high risk or harmful  as well as proactive behaviors to prevent the next act of violence from happening. 
We offer a 4-8 hour Bystander Training for all employees, where they can gain the skills to advocate for a safer community through bystander intervention on acts of power-based personal violence. Attendees will come away from the training with a variety of strategies to safely intervene if they see something high risk or harmful as well as concrete ideas of things they can do every single day to make their community safer in both their personal and professional lives. We will offer follow-up support because this is not a flash-in-the-pan new awareness movement – this is about changing our norms around violence, about 

How to Green Dot for Your Daily Life

You don’t have to wait for violence to occur, here are some Green Dots you can start doing now…

• Talk to a friend or family member about interpersonal violence.
• Support local and national organizations that work on issues related to violence prevention with your time, money or voice.
• Send out a Green Dot Tip of the week to the company email distribution list.
• Create a Green Dot inspired Facebook post or email tag line
• Affirm someone for doing a Green Dot or retell a Green Dot story you heard.
• Encourage behaviors and policies that support a workplace that is free from violence
• Get more training on power-based personal violence and let people around you know that you are a safe person to talk to about violence
• Attend a Green Dot Training in the community or through your workplace.
• Contact your elected officials and talk to them about the importance of violence prevention.

Want to support your employees in living healthy happy lives? Want to support your team in making our community safer for everyone? Want to decrease the amount of power-based personal violence in all aspects of our lives?

Green Dot for Your Business

Your employees can gain the skills to advocate for a safer community through bystander intervention

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