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Celebrating 40 Years of Service to Alaskans by Providing Options, Support and Information to Survivors of Sexual Violence.


To see what the reporting process for Sexual Assault looks like, please click here. For information about reporting Child Sexual Abuse, please click here.

Advocates are available during STAR's hours of operation; Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm and closed major holidays. To schedule an appointment or to speak with an Advocate call (907) 276-7273 or you can e-mail them at advocate@staralaska.org. ​

For more information about the on-going and long term support services STAR offers, please click here for more information.

Direct Services Staff

STAR's Direct Services program staff is composed of a Program Director, Direct Services Manager, six Advocates, a Case Manager and a Counselor.  Collectively, these STAR staff members are responsible for supporting the mission of providing the best quality of crisis intervention and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault and abuse, their families, and our community. Below is information about the immediate crisis intervention services that STAR is able to provide.

To schedule an appointment with a STAR advocate, the counselor, or case manager, please call STAR at (907) 276-7279 or e-mail advocate@staralaska.org.​​

STAR offers both short and long-term case management, providing services through STAR and connecting survivors with other appropriate agencies. Emergency Financial Assistance may be available to those who qualify for our funding through the Alaska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Intervention Project (ADVSAIP) which aims to increase victim safety. 

Case Management/ADVSAIP

STAR offers emergency assistance and case management to survivors of sexual assault

STAR's Crisis Line is answered during the day by STAR Advocates, and on evenings and weekends by volunteers who have participate in an extensive training. If you would like to volunteer on STAR's Crisis Line click here.  

Common calls on the Crisis Line include
•   Crisis intervention and support
•   Answers to your questions about recovering from sexual assault
•   Information about medical issues
•   Explanations of the criminal justice system, and what to expect when you report the crime
•   Referrals to resources in your area
•   Information for family and friends of victims
STAR Advocates are ready to respond to a medical or law enforcement agencies 24 hours a day.  Working with an Advocate can help give you space to know your options and understand your rights. 

In addition to the Crisis Line, Advocates are available to provide the following crisis support services:
•    Immediate crisis support and reporting options
•    Assistance with medical and law enforcement professionals in responding to reports of sexual assault and abuse
•    Assistance with emergency shelter and supplies
•    1-on-1 advocacy sessions by appointment or walk-in
•    Safety planning and risk reduction information
•    Self-care and healthy healing information

Immediate Crisis Intervention

Advocates respond 24/7 to reports of sexual assault in addition to providing other supportive measures

Crisis Hotline

The heart of STAR's Services, Available 24/7 at (907) 276-7273 or (800) 478-8999

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